About Us

Founded in 1992 by owner Debra Zemke, HEAD SOUTH MUSIC represents a wide variety of talented writers and musicians that cover almost every genre of music.

Originally from Chicago, Deb moved to Nashville in 1996 after being recognized with the Horizon Award and the Co-writer of the Year Award from the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. Since then Deb has worked with multiple music publishers including Life Music Group, Ten Ten Music Publishing and Eddy Raven Music Publishing, sharing co-publishing with some of the best in Nashville like Horipro Entertainment Group (MOJO Music), Curb Magnatone Music Publishing, Charlie Daniels Music Publishing, and Zomba Music Publishing.

With dozens of recorded songs, Deb has had the honor to work with some of the greatest talent in the music industry such as: Robert Jason, Dwayne O'Brien, Roger Dillon, John Schweers, Sara Evans, Wayne Perry, Nolan Neal, George Clinton, Mica Roberts, Rich Fagan, Jeff Moore, John Foster, Marcia Ramirez, Stephen Bobbitt, Steven Krause, Johnny Drennen, Sonya Kelly, Karl Hasten, Susan Smith, Jeff Walter, Seth Breitman, Deb Berwyn, Ronnie Gant, Butch Baker, Gerry Dewey, Dan Serifini, Juli Maners, Dima Graziani, Charlie Wood, Tony Mazza, Eddy Raven, Merlin Littlefield, The Fox Brothers, Sarah Whaley, Greg Padgett, The High Edge Band, Ramona Lynn, Dan Weitzman, Deanna Dawn Denning, Dolores Parks, Nichole Hope, Mitzi Dawn, Tommy Hartley, Tony Kosinec, BlackRock Junction, Taylor Lee Brown, T. Sherman Tate, Donny Kees, Matt Dame, Tim Buppert, Trannie Stevens, and Joe Schmidt.

Writing music that spans all genres from Country to Pop, Inspirational and Gospel to Christmas and Children’s songs, Deb admits that one of her biggest blessings has been the ability to use her songs as an advocate for promoting social causes. One such effort is the “Got To Believe” music video which includes photo submissions from people all over the world holding “Believe Signs" in 9 different languages. The song inspired such a following that it led her to create the inspirational “Got To Believe: I Believe Project” Facebook page.


One of the most memorable compliments Deb received was from none other than the great Garth Brooks who praised the “realness” of her music, and how it has the key ingredients of being song of the year material. Another was from the late Ralph Murphy who told her that her song "Got To Believe" was one you just have to believe in.

You can say that we here at HEAD SOUTH MUSIC believe that when the music moves you, you enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Whatever your journey is, and where ever it takes you, we wish you all the best!



Spreading out her writing to include books,  Deb is also a published author. 

Her story "Saving August", a true tale about rescuing a puppy off the side of a highway, is published in the book "Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Dog Really Did That?"  

And her story "The Weathervane" was recently published in "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Angels All Around."

Both are available wherever books are sold.